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the 5 best cat bed reviews

The 5 Best Cat Beds

Let Sleeping Cats Lie Cats can spend up to eighteen hours a day napping – so make sure your kitty has somewhere comfy to while away the day! When situating your cat's bed, make sure it is in a quiet area, where there won't be…

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the best cat harness reviews

The Best Cat Harness

Herding Cats? It's Easier With a Harness Cats in harnesses? Surely that's just... wrong? Yes, historically cats have roamed their turf doing their own thing without any need for human intervention (beyond doors being opened or pet doors installed). However, as populations become denser, and…

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Solid Gold Cat Food Reviews from Kitty Coaching

Solid Gold Cat Food Reviews

Solid Gold is a pet food brand that produces high-quality wet and dry cat foods, almost all of which are grain free, which makes it the ideal choice for pet owners trying to work around digestive issues and general kitty pickiness! Many cats struggle to…

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How to Teach a Cat Its Name

As someone who grew up with cats and has always had at least one cat in the household, I can honestly say that I have never personally witnessed a single one that needed special training in order to learn its name. Cats are incredibly intelligent…

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Product reviews

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder Review - Automatic Cat Feeder

In this post I'm going share with you my thoughts on the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder system which is an automatic cat feeder for your cats. To start out, I wanted to give you some background as to why I decided to purchase…

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Blue Buffalo Dry Adult Cat Food

Cute Kitten Eating

Looking for one of the healthiest dry cat foods on the market? Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Cat Food just may fill that need. Take a look at our complete review of the pros and cons. What We Like…

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IRIS Open Top Litter Box Review

Why You Should Buy Iris Litter Box?

The IRIS Open Top Litter Box with Shield and Scoop is one of the top sellers on the market. Like most litter boxes, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this option. Let’s take a look at both the good and…

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Cat Charmer Wand by Cat Dancer

Adorable Cat Playing

The Cat Charmer Wand by Cat Dancer offers great exercise for cats and is one of the most unique toys on the market. It’s an affordable, easy to use toy that cats can get hours of play out of. What We…

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