Five Signs Your Cat Wants You Dead

Is your cat behaving weird? Could she be plotting against you? Hmm… that would certainly explain a lot of things…

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Let Your Feline Shine! How to Bathe a Cat (Cat Shampoo Reviews)

Here are some tips and tricks to make bathing your cat easy, plus we’ve compiled a list of the best cat shampoos on the market.

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The Best Automatic Timed Cat Feeders

Looking for a great timed cat feeder you and your pets can count on? Don’t waste your money on unreliable garbage – read our unbiased reviews first.

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How To Teach A Kitten Not To Bite

Very rough play is drummed out of a kitten by its feline family, but if that doesn’t happen you can step in – to protect your fingers and furniture!

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Is It Normal for a Kitten to Sleep a Lot?

While full-grown cats enjoy their naps, kittens need even more sleep. This article should allay your worries if your kitten seems to be switched off!

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10 Cheap Toys Your Cat Will Actually Play With

It doesn’t make sense to spend too much when shopping for kittytainment, so we’ve compiled this Top 10 list of inexpensive gizmos that cats REALLY like.

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Everything You Need to Know About Cat Food

In this article we answer the most essential questions new cat owners have about cat food, including whether to buy wet or dry, and much more.

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Can Cats Eat Sweet Potatoes? What About Chocolate?

Cats’ digestive systems are especially sensitive to foods that were not specifically designed to be consumed by cats. Here’s a few foods to be wary of.

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the 5 best cat bed reviews

The 5 Best Cat Beds

Cats can spend up to eighteen hours a day napping – so make sure your kitty has somewhere comfy to while away the day!

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the best cat harness reviews

The Best Cat Harness

Looking for the best cat harness? You’ll find the right one in our top 5 cat harness list, plus how to train a cat to accept a harness.

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Solid Gold Cat Food Reviews from Kitty Coaching

Solid Gold Cat Food Reviews

Solid Gold has been providing high-quality, holistic pet food for over forty years, giving both cats and dogs the nutrition they need and deserve.

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How to Teach a Cat Its Name

If I were going to attempt to train my cat to recognize its name, rather than letting it happen organically, this is the approach I would take.

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what are the best nail clippers for cats

The Best Nail Clippers for Cats

We’ve been looking for the best nail clippers for cats – and we think we’ve found them! Take a look for yourself.

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what's the best semi moist cat food

The Best Semi-Moist Cat Food

We’ve reviewed 5 of the best semi moist cat foods – they’re an interesting balance between wet and dry and worth considering.

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what's the best cat urine remover

Catastic Cat Urine Remover and Odor Eliminator Overview

How many of you are frustrated cleaning up messes around the house that have been made by your favorite feline friend? Try a cat urine remover.

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here's how to treat mange in cats

How To Treat Mange In Cats

This article explains how to treat mange in cats and what symptoms to look for, plus recommends reliable products that are sure to help.

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we review pure vita cat food

Pure Vita Cat Food: Review

We review some of the natural, holistic Pure Vita cat food range from Tuffy’s, with the help of Marek and Mishka.

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what's the best cat tree that looks like a real tree

Cat Tree That Looks Like A Tree – Our 5 Top Picks

Are you looking for a cat tree that looks like a tree? Check out our top 5 picks for cat furniture with an authentic tree-like appearance.

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The Best Cats for Asthmatics

Here are 5 cats that produce less Fel d 1 – the protein that some people react to. That makes them the best hypoallergenic cat for asthmatics.

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Diabetic Cat Food Reviewed – Our Top 5 Picks

We’ve been reviewing and pruning our list of the best foods for diabetic cats for years, and this is our latest, greatest selection!

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