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can cats eat dog food

Is it Okay for Cats to Eat Dog Food?

You may be able to get away with feeding your cat dog food once in a while, but you shouldn’t get into this habit. Find out why here.

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The Best Automatic Timed Cat Feeders

Looking for a great timed cat feeder you and your pets can count on? Don’t waste your money on unreliable garbage – read our unbiased reviews first.

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Everything You Need to Know About Cat Food

In this article we answer the most essential questions new cat owners have about cat food, including whether to buy wet or dry, and much more.

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Can Cats Eat Sweet Potatoes? What About Chocolate?

Cats’ digestive systems are especially sensitive to foods that were not specifically designed to be consumed by cats. Here’s a few foods to be wary of.

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Solid Gold Cat Food Reviews from Kitty Coaching

Solid Gold Cat Food Reviews

Solid Gold has been providing high-quality, holistic pet food for over forty years, giving both cats and dogs the nutrition they need and deserve.

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what's the best semi moist cat food

The Best Semi-Moist Cat Food

We’ve reviewed 5 of the best semi moist cat foods – they’re an interesting balance between wet and dry and worth considering.

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we review pure vita cat food

Pure Vita Cat Food: Review

We review some of the natural, holistic Pure Vita cat food range from Tuffy’s, with the help of Marek and Mishka.

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Diabetic Cat Food Reviewed – Our Top 5 Picks

We’ve been reviewing and pruning our list of the best foods for diabetic cats for years, and this is our latest, greatest selection!

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home made cat food

How to Make Cat Food and Kitty Treats

Why you should make your own cat food and treats, how much you should make, and some tips on how to get started, including my cat’s favorite recipe!

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Low Carb Cat Food Reviewed – Our Top 5 Picks

Low carb cat food reviewed: check out our top 5 picks. Low carb cat food is ideal for weight loss, diabetic cats, and cats with allergies.

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The 9 Best Wet Cat Foods Reviewed

We review the 9 best wet cat foods on the market, focusing on its health benefits, price, and taste. These canned foods are healthy – and tasty, too!

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What’s the Best Grain-Free Cat Food?

Feed Mr. Sniffles the way he’s supposed to be fed and you will have a happier, livelier kitty. Read about grain-free cat food and why it’s the best choice.

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High Fiber Cat Food Reviewed

We review some of the best wet and dry high fiber cat foods, and give advice about when your cat needs it and what to look for.

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Our Top 5 Best Cat Foods for Indoor Cats with Hairballs

If you have an indoor cat and are looking for the best food to help deal with hairballs, you’re in the right place! Owning a cat brings a great deal of wonderful surprises and simple joys into our

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What is the Best Dry Cat Food?

While wet food is the closest you can get to a cat’s natural diet, there are many reasons people choose to feed their cat solely on a diet of dry cat food. If you’re one of those people, it’s

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best hypoallergenic cat food reviewed

The Best Hypoallergenic Cat Food Reviewed

In this article we discuss food-based allergic reactions in felines and recommend 5 great hypoallergenic cat foods for cats with allergies.

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Orijen Cat Food Reviews

Should you buy cat food made by a multi-award winning ethical company which uses locally sourced ingredients? Read our Orijen cat food reviews to find out.

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Urinary Tract Cat Food – Our Top 5 Picks

If your cat has kidney problems, like a urinary tract infection, he’ll need special food. We’ve listed the best 5 options and saved you hours of research.

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Low Protein & Low Phosphorus Cat Food Reviewed – Our Top 5 Picks

Some cats need a low protein, low phosphorus diet – in this article we discuss why and recommend 5 products based on years of research.

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Urinary Tract Cat Food

Healthiest Cat Food Brands

Want to know what we’ve learned from years of researching cat food? These are our picks for the healthiest brands.

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