Automatic Timed Cat Feeders – Our Top 4 Picks

When it comes to feeding our cat’s while we are away from home, this at times can be difficult to achieve. Therefore, if you have been looking for automatic timed cat feeders, we are certain that you have come across plenty of options as of late. Moreover, while there are plenty of automatic timed cat feeders out there to assist, making the final choice at times can be overwhelming, so we put together our top 4 picks to help our readers, get an up close view, so read on to learn more:

Our Top 4 Recommendations For Automatic Timed Cat Feeders:

# 1. Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder with Webcam & Wi-Fi Built-In

While we all would ideally like to be there for our pets with regards to their feeding times, sometimes that just is not possible. However, this product came in first on our list due to the many great features it has already built into it. Moreover, this product also has the ability to ensure that your pet can easily take their medications if that is required. Now, that in itself makes this product an ideal choice, especially for those pet owners who worry, when they are not home to administer those meds themselves! With that said, below are the features and benefits this product has to offer:

– The Only Smart Pet Feeder That Can Handle Feedings For Both Dry, And Wet Foods.

– Even Has A Separate Tray For Their Medications, And Treats Too.

– Has The Ability To Be Connected To Your Home Network By Wi-Fi Quickly.

– Comes With A Built In Webcam So the Pet Owner Can Watch Them Eat, By Using Their Smartphone.

– Is Compatible, And Included For The iOS, Android & Windows Operating Systems. Can Be Set Up To Feed The Pet One Feeding, Or Regular Schedules. All Of Which Can Be Controlled From One Profile Easily.

– There Are A Total Of 6 Compartments, And Each Holds Up To An 8oz Cup Size. Therefore, The Pet Owner Can Easily Decide How Much To Feed, And Can Put The Medications Into One Of The 6 Compartments, To Be Properly Scheduled By The Owner Effortlessly.

#2. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed 12-Meal Automatic Feeder

This is a very popular product with many satisfied customers leaving positive reviews. The product offers the ability to feed the pet, up to 12 times per day if need be! Even if the pet was very rough with the feeder itself, it has a durable steady lid, which helps to prevent any food from leaking out of it, unless the timer told it to! Here’s what else you need to know about this product:

– Provides Flexible Meal Portion Control Levels, Ranging From 1/8-Cup Up To 4 Cups If Needed.

– Programmable Feeder Can Schedule Up To 12 Feedings In A Day, If Required.

– Patented Conveyor System Easily Accommodates Dry, And Semi-Moist Foods Of Different Sizes And Shapes.

– Slow Feed Mode Dispenses Meals, Which Are Greater Than 1/8 Of A Cup Over A 15 minute Period To Help Prevent The Pet From Eating Their Food Too Fast.

– The Product Will Require (4) D Batteries (not included); Optional Power Adaptor Sold Separately.

#3. Petnet SmartFeeder – Automatic Pet Feeding with your iPhone

For those who want to be able to ensure their cats, and kittens eat on time, while they are away from them, this product can easily do the task at hand! In addition, it can easily help to make certain that the right portion is fed out to the pet, based upon the owners programmable schedule for them. Here’s what else you need to know about this product:

– The SmartFeeder Lets The Owner Manage Their Pets Feeding Times, Portion Sizes, Proper Ingredients, and Have Their Pet’s Food Delivered to Their Doorstep Too.

– Be Aware, That The Product Has A 5-7 lb Food Capacity Limitation To It.

– Has A Machine Washable Food Hopper And A Stainless Steel Bowl.

– Comes With A Rechargeable Backup Battery.

– Food Compatibility: Portion Sizes: 1/16 – 1 1/2 cups, Hopper Capacity: 5lbs – 7lbs Food, Kibble Sizes: Dry Food 1/8″ – 5/8″ In Diameter, Works Best With Round Kibble Pet Food.

#4. Super Feeder Csf-3 Automatic Cat Feeder W/stand, Bowl, Chute Cover and Digital Timer ( Up To 1.8 Gal Capacity)

With this feeder, and larger combo digital timer, this makes an ideal product for those wanting to ensure their cats, and kittens are eating properly while they are away. Moreover, for those who may have to be away for more then a week at a time, this feeder can make sure that the pets are properly fed, with time schedules put into place. In addition, the pet owner could even trigger two feeders at the same time, if need be simply by using one timer and a power strip or a dual outlet timer! Here’s what else you need to know about this product:

– It’s Compact In Size, And Is 12x11x21 Inches Tall With One, Of the Two Supplied Clear 2-Cup Extension Installed.

– It Can Feed Smaller Feedings, By Simply Using The Basic Feeder by Itself.

– If You Need To When Going Away The Product Comes With A a 1.8 Gallons Capacity (24 cups) Hopper, Which Is Supplied.

– This Can Handle A Cup to Multiple Cups Of Kibble’s Pet Food Per Day.

– Has An Intrusion Resistant Feeder To Guard Against The Kind Of Pet That Likes To Break Into Their Feeder, before Their Scheduled Feeding, And Comes With The Well Proven Optional Chute Cover Installed.

– It Only Needs Assembly With A Screwdriver.

– Can Be Mounted Backed-Up To A Wall, To Take Care Of Those Pet Owners With Real Active Mischievous Cats, and Kittens too.

Concluding Thoughts on Timed Cat Feeders

When you’re away from your pet, at times trying to ensure that your cat gets fed can be difficult to set up properly for them. However, we hope our top 4 listed products here, has given our viewers better insight on how they could achieve setting this up very easily. Finally, don’t put this crucial task off any longer, we’ve given you some excellent choices in automatic timed cat feeders, so take your pick, and rest easy that when you have to be away from your cat, they still will get the right amount of food to ensure their needs are met till you can return to them!

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