What’s the Best Cat Litter Box for Your Needs?

Kitten in Blue Plastic Litter Box

There are a lot of cat litter boxes on the market. Which one will work best for your pets? We’ve reviewed two very different litter boxes – one that’s simple and one with advanced features. Take a look at how they stack up and then decide which one’s right for you.

The IRIS Open Top Litter Box with Shield and Scoop: A simple litter box

The IRIS Open Top Litter Box with Shield and Scoop has both good and bad. Let’s take a look:

Litter Box in Corner of The Room


  • This is one of the most affordable litter pans on the market.
  • The kit comes with the litter box, removable shield, and litter scoop.
  • The open top makes it easier to clean.
  • You get your choice of five different colors.


  • It is really only useful for families with a single cat.
  • It’s not big enough for larger cats.
  • It’s not sealed on the sides as well as it should be.
  • The open top means litter could still get sprayed.
  • It’s a very basic litter box without many frills.

The CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

The CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box is one of the most unique litter boxes on the market. While it’s not perfect for every cat family, there are some people who can really benefit from it.


  • With this litter box you never have to change cat litter again. Instead, it cleans itself on a timer you set.

Litter Box That is Fully Automated

  • It comes with a two-year warranty that allows you to buy with confidence.
  • Instead of clay litter, it uses washable granules that don’t have a residue.
  • It’s a great choice for cat owners with mobility issues who can’t change their cat’s litter.
  • It satisfies your cat’s need to dig and cover, which reduces mess.
  • You control how often it self-cleans.


  • This litter box costs over $200. That’s roughly 20x what a simple litter box would cost.
  • You need a water hookup for this to work. Not every home has an extra one and even those that do will have limited options. Many homeowners end up having to install this litter box in a high-traffic area in their home like the kitchen or bathroom.
  • You have to replace the washable granules every three months. This is another cost on top of the high price tag to buy it in the first place.
  • It can only handle one large cat or two medium-sized cats.
  • Cats have to be six months old to use this litter box.
  • It requires an electric hookup. Some homeowners worry about the safety of having this device full of water and hooked up to electricity.
  • Some users find the installation process to be difficult, though detailed instructions are included in the package.

Conclusion: Which One is Better?

It’s hard to say which of these two litter boxes are better. Both have their pros and cons and they are such drastically different litter boxes. If your top concern is price then the IRIS litter box is best. If you’ll pay a premium for convenience then the Cat Genie is your top choice.

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