The Most Cuddly Cat Breeds

The best part of having a cat as a pet is all the wonderful time spent cuddling together.

Cats have a bad reputation for being solitary creatures that hate being touched, but nothing could be farther from the truth! Most cats enjoy spending quality time with their owners, and though this quality is found in every breed, some breeds are cuddlier than others.

Below is a glimpse into which breeds you should welcome into your heart if you’re looking to share a lot of love with your furry feline.

Scottish Fold – This cat is the ultimate cuddle companion! Scottish Folds are known for being so relaxed and tranquil that they’ll even let children dress them up without resisting.  Their favorite place to be is with their humans, and are known for following their favorite person around from room to room just to continue being near them.  There’s no limit to their cuddling, and if given the choice, would stay by your side as long and as often as possible.


Ragdoll – These cats get their name because of the way they tend to go limp when held. They resemble the ragdolls of older generations.  Much like the Scottish Fold, these cats will let you dress them up and will tolerable a large amount of cuddles.  They’re the best cat for households because they prefer to stay inside and be beside their human rather than out hunting or exploring.  They’re favorite place to be is at your side, getting pet.  A bonus of this breed is their adorable, tiny chirp of a meow that all Ragdoll owners adore.


Tonkinese – Smart and affectionate, these cats are perfect for homes that have a lot of love to give. They’re comfortable being very vocal and asking for cuddles from their owners, and while most cats will tolerate being held and being cuddled, these cats will actively seek you out.  Whenever you are, they will follow because a Tonkinese is happiest when its being pet by its favorite people.


Birman – A lot of owners affectionately refer to this cat as the “mood ring” of cats. If you’re excited and happy, your cat will be playful and ready to go.  If you’re sad and having a bad day, they’ll calmly stay by your side and cheer you up.  They reflect the moods and energy levels of their owners as it changes day to day.  The one thing that doesn’t change with this breed?  Their need to be affectionate with their family.


Burmese – There has never been a stranger with a lap that a Burmese hasn’t found a way to curl up in.  These cats are considered highly affectionate and social, and don’t shy away from new people and visitors to their home.  They’re happy to go up to all humans and ask for pets and cuddles.  They are a more laid back breed, so relaxing at home and snoozing on your lap while you watch television is completely fine with them!  As long as their near you, they’re a happy furball.