Blue Buffalo Dry Adult Cat Food Review

Looking for one of the healthiest dry cat foods on the market? Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Cat Food just may fill that need. Take a look at our clear, simple review of the pros and cons.

What We Like

First of all, this is a dry cat food made right here in the United States. Some pet owners aren’t particularly concerned with where a food is made but others are. Remember that China and Mexico have both had major recalls on toys and pet foods made there, so the US-made label could indicate a safer product.

Blue Buffalo Brand

This formula works for all adult cats. Some specialty brands are made specifically for one type of cat, whether young or older, larger or smaller. This may work well for folks with a single cat but this is a good multi-cat formula that is well balanced to provide for the nutritional needs of most cats.

Protein is a very important factor in cat foods. Remember that cats don’t just like protein – they actually need it to survive. In fact, they need a lot more protein than humans do. This dry cat food provides an excellent source of healthy proteins from chicken, turkey, and fish.

This is also a whole grain food. For pet owners who insist on foods without fillers and artificial flavors or colors, this may be a great choice. In fact, it’s priced lower than many other similar foods in this category.

What We Don’t Like

One of our main issues with this food is also one of our favorite things: it’s not made for a specific type of cat. For families with multiple cats this may be fine but if you have a senior cat, a younger cat, or a cat that weighs more or less than average then this may not be the best dry cat food for you.

Healthy Food from Blue Buffalo

Another issue we have is that this is not a grain-free food. As noted above, it is whole grain and the grains included are relatively healthy. They include brown rice, oatmeal, and barley. Are these better than corn and other poor quality grains? Sure, but they’re still grains.

This may not be important to you as a cat owner. Many people are fine with grains in their cat food as long as those grains are high quality. If that’s you, then this food should be fine. On the other hand, if you insist on a 100% grain-free dry cat food then this won’t be your top choice.


This is an affordable and healthy cat food. There’s a lot to love about this food and a lot of reasons to consider it. The protein count is high and though there are grains they are at last high-quality grains. We both like and don’t like the fact that it’s made with no specific type of cat in mind. Many families will find this a great choice for all of their cats.