Orijen Cat Food Reviews

Founded in Canada in 1985, Orijen has made a name for itself in the pet food industry for its commitment to healthy food and top quality.

While the media tried to make a big deal out of a product recall that happened in Australia back in 2008, the company’s prompt, honest and transparent reaction actually built more trust in the brand.

When it comes to ingredients, their ethos is to create cat food that mirrors the natural environment of cats in the wild, with fresh meats, organs, cartilage included, thereby reducing the need for synthetic ingredients.

As you might have guessed, we’re fans of the company and its products. Here are kibble-sized reviews of their top 5 best products, so you can try them for yourselves and find out why we’re all-in on Orijen.


Orijen Cat Food – Our Top 5 Picks!

#1 – Orijen Poultry and Fish Grain-Free Dry

Orijen strive to meet all of your cat’s dietary requirements and give them a diet that resembles something they would eat in the wild: high amounts of good protein, and small amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Around 80% of Orijen’s food contains a variety of meats, including everything from free-run chicken and turkey, whole eggs and wild-caught fish. These meats are delivered fresh daily, keeping them preservative free, unfrozen and loaded with animal proteins and fats.

Orijen is infused with marine-source DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids, which support your cat’s peak skin and coat conditioning. Instead of including corn, wheat or white rice, which fill many cat foods, Orijen features a full complement of regional fruits and vegetables that provide important vitamins, minerals and protector nutrients.

Orijen is grain free and carbohydrate-limited, which better resembles the natural dietary needs of cats.

This is #1 on our list because our cats never tire of it, and the quality to price ratio is excellent.

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#2- Orijen 6-Fish Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food

Unlike many other brands of cat food Orijen always uses fresh ingredients rather than frozen ones, and this also includes the fish they use. Fresh ingredients are always preferable because they don’t contain any preservatives or other man made artificial ingredients that your cat may react to, and simply doesn’t need.

This product contains both fresh and saltwater fish including pacific salmon, flunder, wild walleye, northern pike, lake whitefish, wild herring, and also fresh fruits and vegetables.

This one is really an amazing cat food, but expensive, so keep an eye out for discounts.

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#3 – Orijen Regional Poultry and Fish

Sadly this one is no longer available on Amazon, but if you’re lucky your local pet store might stock it.

It contains both poultry and fish. We told you how they source their fish ethically, but also their chicken is completely free range, so you can buy this product with a clear conscience.

It is low in carb and high in protein, tastes great, and contains no meat by-products. The blend of meat and fish is great for your cats’ health and tastebuds. In summary, it’s a winner – if you can get it.


#4 – Orijen Cat Treats Original Freeze Dried

Every cat deserves the occasional treat. You can add something new into their diet and daily routine and let’s be honest – get more attention from your cat!

Orijen dry freezes their treats to lock in all of the natural goodness and amazing flavors of their fresh, regional ingredients. The original variety of their freeze-dried treats features cage-free chicken and turkey from local prairie farms, and wild caught flounder from North Vancouver Island, which is delivered fresh daily.

With Orijen you know your cat is getting the healthiest and most natural treats possible, so why give them anything else? The composition of ingredients looks like this, in case you’re wondering exactly what your cat is getting:

  • Fresh chicken liver 24%
  • Fresh turkey liver 24%
  • Fresh boneless Cobb chicken 24%
  • Fresh boneless turkey 24%
  • Fresh boneless flounder 4%
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#5 – Orijen Cat Treats Lamb Freeze Dried

This is our second treat pick, this time lamb flavored. These treats are 100% meat, perfect for your little cuddly little carnivores.

Lamb is an excellent, rich source of protein that is rarely seen in cat food due to how expensive the meat generally is. However, that isn’t a concern for Orijen in their quest to provide the healthiest, most nutritious, and tastiest treats for your cat.

There is no cooking or preservatives involved in the Orijen freeze-dried treats so it’s the closest alternative to a raw diet for your cat. Farmers on local ranches source the lamb, and then it is delivered to Orijen’s kitchen fresh, to be prepared.

The composition of ingredients looks like this, in case you’re wondering exactly what your cat is getting:

  • Boneless lamb 45%
  • Lamb liver 45%
  • Lamb tripe 10%
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Paw-DividerWhy Orijen Cat Food?

Orijen cat food is an excellent and highly popular brand of cat and kitten food and there are several good reasons for all of the hype. To summarize, the various reasons for choosing this brand are:

It’s grain-free. Grain free cat food has been growing in popularity in recent years, and while grain-free varieties do tend to carry a higher price, they also carry a much higher quality, and cut out all of the unwanted artificial elements normally found in standard cat food.

Orijen is committed to using locally sourced produce. Not only is this healthier because you know exactly where the meat is coming from and that it was treated humanely, it’s also good for the local economy for these farmers in a world where industrial scale farming is becoming the norm.

Orijen strives to match your cat’s dietary requirements, giving them the high meat content that your little carnivore requires. Many standard cat foods have deceptively low amounts of meat in their food, and high amounts of meat by-products and grain, this is something Orijen cannot be accused of.

When there was a product recall (localised to Australia) they were open, honest, and transparent about what was happening and why. They didn’t hide behind management mumbo-jumbo.

Awards. These guys win multiple awards for their pet foods every year. Here’s a list. Impressive.