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what is the best cat blog

The Best Cat Blogs – Updated for 2018

We’ve spent a fair amount of time combing through dozens of cat blogs to bring you the best. Read on to find out our picks and why we chose them.

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how to train a cat

How to Train a Cat: What Your Cats Can Learn and How to Teach Them

Learn how to train a cat the easy way! Tons of free tips, step-by-step advice, and info on how to leash train a cat, cat potty training kits, and more.

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Do Cats Like Music?

In recent years, there have been a few studies and a lot of speculation about the topic of animal’s reaction to music and whether or not they like it.

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Let Your Feline Shine! How to Bathe a Cat (Cat Shampoo Reviews)

Here are some tips and tricks to make bathing your cat easy, plus we’ve compiled a list of the best cat shampoos on the market.

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How To Teach A Kitten Not To Bite

Very rough play is drummed out of a kitten by its feline family, but if that doesn’t happen you can step in – to protect your fingers and furniture!

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Is It Normal for a Kitten to Sleep a Lot?

While full-grown cats enjoy their naps, kittens need even more sleep. This article should allay your worries if your kitten seems to be switched off!

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How to Teach a Cat Its Name

If I were going to attempt to train my cat to recognize its name, rather than letting it happen organically, this is the approach I would take.

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what's the best cat urine remover

Catastic Cat Urine Remover and Odor Eliminator Overview

How many of you are frustrated cleaning up messes around the house that have been made by your favorite feline friend? Try a cat urine remover.

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The Best Cats for Asthmatics

Here are 5 cats that produce less Fel d 1 – the protein that some people react to. That makes them the best hypoallergenic cat for asthmatics.

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How to Litter Train Your Kitten

Some tips on litter training a kitten, plus product recommendations you will find highly useful AND a guide to the top 3 litter brands in the USA.

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How to Cuddle a Cat

Just like human babies, cats are delicate creatures that love care and affection. One of the main reasons people adore cats as their pet of choice is due to their naturally affectionate nature and warm,

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beginner cat questions answered

37 Kitty Questions and Cat Queries

Your questions about cat health, kitten behavior, purring, meowing, biting, and more – all answered in plain, simple English.

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