Catastic Cat Urine Remover and Odor Eliminator Overview

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The Purrfect Solution to Your Worst Cat Pee Predicaments?

Put your paws up, cat owners – how many of you are totally frustrated with cleaning up messes around the house that have been made by your favorite feline friend?

We hear you! Most kitty lovers would agree that there’s nothing more pungent than cat pee smell, and the presence of cat odor is one of the top complaints that veterinarians tend to hear from their cat-loving clients.

Whether the stink is emanating from the cat litter or your cat is peeing in the house, this article can help you understand how to help keep your house smelling fresh, by using both appropriate cat litter hygiene as well as Catastic Stain and Odor Eliminator, a pet spray which is guaranteed to banish that stinky cat odor from your domain.

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Cat Odor Basics

First, it’s essential for each and every cat owner to understand how their feline family member’s wild instincts affect their litter habits. Cats are naturally adept hunters who roam and hunt within a certain territory that they establish for themselves. They pee and poop because, well, yes, they have a need to do so, but they also will use urination as a way to mark their territory; and to your indoor tabby, your house is most certainly ‘theirs’! They also tend to choose new spots to ‘do their business’ in order to avoid predators.

What this means is that our feline friends have very high expectations when it comes to cat litter cleanliness, and most cats will turn their noses up at using a dirty litter box, especially since their noses are far more sensitive than ours are. (How would you feel using a dirty toilet?)

To make litter boxes attractive for your cat to use, a good rule of thumb is to provide one box per cat in your household (preferably on different floors), plus an extra in case those aren’t accessible when nature calls!

Scoop the cat litter every day, and wash out the box once weekly with mild soap and warm water to get rid of any lingering cat pee smell.

Many cat litters include an odor eliminator in their formulations to cut down on cat odor, but beware of highly scented products – most kitties find floral smells off-putting instead of attractive, and may choose to pee or poop somewhere that’s cleaner or less aromatic – like your carpet or laundry basket…

Another important tip for keeping cat odor to a minimum is to provide a safe and comfortable place for your pet to pee. Whether a Siamese, Persian, or just a regular tabby, your cat will likely gravitate towards large, shallow litter boxes that allow them to stand up and turn around comfortably, with at least a few inches of litter that makes for easy digging and burying. Cat litter furniture (where boxes are tucked discreetly away) can also cut down on general cat odor, and may be preferred by some of our feline friends who like an additional sense of privacy during their toilet routine.

While it’s normal to have the occasional mess, it’s best to call your cat’s veterinarian if your cat is constantly making messes around your house. In addition to a dirty litter box, cats pee in the house for a number of other reasons:

  • Young kittens are easily distracted, or can have trouble reaching the box in time
  • Older, arthritic cats may have trouble getting up or down stairs to access their toilet area
  • Your cat might be experiencing a medical issue like a bladder infection, kidney disease or diabetes
  • They feel that their territory is threatened (which may happen with changes in household layout, new pets or people in the house, or the appearance of unknown cats outside at doors or windows)
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The Best Cat Urine Remover

Finally, the most important cat product in every owner’s toolkit is a cat urine remover, of course, and as a veterinary technician, it seems like I’ve tried everything out there.

Purchasing a product that will truly clean up cat urine properly will help to make sure that your cat won’t be attracted to peeing in the same places over and over again, so it’s really important to get the right cat product in the first place!

It’s no secret that many cat owners turn to home remedies like vinegar or peroxide to help clean up cat pee messes, but the problem with these solutions is that they only mask the cat pee smell, leaving the actual urine components still present in your carpet or on your couch; a smelly flag that practically yells ‘pee here again!’ to your pesky pet.

We pet owners also worry about exposing our pets to stronger and potentially dangerous household cleaners, too – cleaners like bleach and ammonia really aren’t safe for our feline friends (and just a hint – they don’t really work either). This is where a product like the Catastic Stain and Odor Eliminator comes in; I’d recommend it as the first solution for any cat owners who are frustrated by the constant battle with cat pee smells.

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Why is Catastic One of the Best Cat Urine Remover Products?

Why does Catastic work so well? Well, it’s because the company uses a particular patented technology to break down the components of cat pee and get rid of nasty stains and smells right at the source, instead just covering them up, and it can be used on just about any surface.

A quick blot with paper towel and a few sprays on the peed-on areas completely took away any cat odor – whew! As a consideration to the health of all your family members, the spray is also eco-friendly and non-toxic for kids and pets, and their money-back guarantee and USA-based manufacturing base win extra points from me too. The best part is that  you won’t need to break the bank buying other cat supplies either; Catastic Stain and Odor Eliminator is a 100% complete solution for any and all pet ‘oopses’ and odors that you might discover!

You can find Catastic on Amazon:

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