How to Cuddle a Cat

Just like human babies, cats are delicate creatures that love care and affection. One of the main reasons people adore cats as their pet of choice is due to their naturally affectionate nature and warm, cozy cuddles.

So, is there a correct way to hold a cat? If you’re unsure of how to cuddle a cat it can be daunting to attempt, particularly for new pet owners. However, with just a few simple tips you’ll be able to ensure your pet feels safe, secure, and loved so that they’ll return for many more cuddles in the future.


How to Cuddle a Cat

We’ve all seen cats cuddling together as newborns, or those huddled with another feline as they snooze on the couch. Your aim as a pet owner is to try and replicate the warmth and security that they can get from their own species while keeping in mind that each cat may react differently to your touch.

Cuddling with Cat

Cuddling your Cat

  • Pick your cat up in a cradle fashion, ensuring you have one arm underneath and one around them.
  • Allow your cat to adjust to this, as some cats like a tighter grip while others may prefer their legs to be free.
  • Bring your cat in close to you, and try rubbing her behind the ear or stroking her head and neck as you cuddle her.
  • Loosen your hold a little, and let your cat adjust herself again. Many cats will use this opportunity to find a more comfortable position on your body that allows you to keep petting them.
  • Never force or hold your pet down as this will create distrust and fear within them, and always let your cat dictate when and for how long they want to be cuddled.


My Cat Doesn’t Want to Be Cuddled

If you don’t have a cuddle cat and you’ve followed the tips for how to hold her, this probably has nothing to do with your technique. While it’s often reported that cats are naturally affectionate animals, there are some which prefer just to be left alone.

Your cat may be nervous around humans, and this is particularly true with new cats. Give them time to become comfortable in your house and with you as their owner, allowing them to come to you if they want affection.

Best Friends Forever

Some cats can feel unstable and trapped being held by their owners, and prefer to live a more independent life. Don’t feel this is a reflection of your parenting skills, as some cats enjoy to come and go as they please.

Even the most independent cats will yearn for affection every now and then, so let your feline come to you when she wants a cuddle. If you know the correct methods for how to cuddle a cat, you’re on the right track for helping your four-legged friend become more loving towards you.


How to Get Reluctant Cats to Cuddle You

Cats love raw meat (they are obligate carnivores), and you can use this to get them used to being close to you. Lie on a sofa and hold a bag of raw meat treats on your chest. It shouldn’t take too long for your kitten or cat to jump up onto you. Feed her one at a time while gently petting her.

Bonding is guaranteed to happen! Just don’t try to force it – let it develop over time. The gentleman in this video has the right idea: