The Best Cat Tunnel

We believe the 3 Way Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel (branded Akemiao in the UK) is the best cat tunnel, but we sent one to our writer and his 3 cats to give it a thorough test. Here are his thoughts, and those of Orbus, his 10-week old kitten.

The Prosper Collapsible Tunnel arrived well packaged.  I was pleased to see that it comes in a durable zip up cover, meaning the tunnel can easily be stored when not in use.  My kitten, Orbus, actually enjoys playing with the cover slightly more than the tunnel!

The tunnel itself combines the exploring/hiding attractions beloved of curious young cats with a crinkling surface, so that kittens can experience both sensation underfoot and that delicious crinkling sound. There’s a small hanging ball at one exit of the tunnel, for kittens who want to play but are less inclined to go into the tunnel.

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With three routes in/out, and a central “pop up” hole on top, your kitten will certainly have a lot to enjoy and explore.

The tunnel is semi-rigid, remaining securely upright when in use, but easy to collapse down and store.  No assembly is required – the tunnel literally pops up.


With a group of cats, the tunnel is sure to be a big hit!

It does take up a fair amount of space, especially if you want to leave a wide area around the tunnel to help keep a more timid kitten from feeling hemmed in, so may not be ideal for studio apartments.

It’s also probably best to set the tunnel up in a room that’s not your main living area, as it is somewhat intrusive as cat toys go. Of course, it your attitude is (very sensibly, in my opinion!) that your cat/s come ahead of your guests, then the living room would be just fine.

All of the entrances/exits to and from the tunnel, including the central pop up, provide plenty of space to easily allow kittens and young cats through without causing them to feel confined or restricted.

cat tunnel as a training tool


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Durable storage cover
  • Good sensory experience for kittens
  • Well made, durable and stable


  • Does take up quite a lot of space

Value For Money?

A little expensive for what it is, especially as it’s probably not something a cat would play with once they were out of kittenhood, but it’s fun to watch the little things enjoying themselves.

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A Kitten’s Review


Hello – what’s this? Oohh – something to explore! It’s like a rabbit hole, all dark and hidden… is there a rabbit in here? What’s that? Oh, okay, not a rabbit.  But it’s still fluffy, and it moves! I can kill that!

Back into the tunnel – oh, look, I can see out the top here.  It’s like those “submarines” the humans talk about.  They sound cool. I’m on a submarine.  I’ll just hop out here, and – wow, crinkly noises! I’ll just leap around for a bit up here.  And back down the hole, through the tunnel – what happens if I flip over onto my back and grab hold of the top as I come out? Oh, okay, it falls onto me.  Doesn’t hurt, though, and gives me an excuse to beat it up a bit.

Okay, so, that’s that.  Nice place to hide in to surprise the humans (ankles are fun to bite, but you need the humans to not see you coming.)  No rabbit – it really needs a rabbit.  I mean, the ball is okay, but it’s not a rabbit.

Orbus’ Verdict: I think two paws for this – it’s okay, and fun right now, but it doesn’t really change all that much.  And there’s no rabbit.

Two paws.  Definitely needs a rabbit.  But good for ambushing humans.