Cat Charmer Wand Review

Cat Charmer Wand Review

The Cat Charmer Wand by Cat Dancer offers great exercise for cats and is one of the most best-selling cat toys on the market. It’s an affordable, easy to use toy that cats can get hours of play out of.

Simply hold the stick and wave it around, causing the ribbon to sway and dance – your cat’s hunting instincts will kick into a high gear and the action will start!

It’s called the ‘cat charmer’ because of its similarity to those wands used by snake charmers in India.

What We Like

This is a wonderfully colorful toy. It’s specifically designed to get your cats excited and ready to play.

The bright colors, the simple design that sways and moves – there’s a lot that your cats will love about this wand. The simplicity is really what sets it apart. This is a great option if you want to stick to basics.

The wand is made from strong polycarbonate which is built to last. Other similar products often have cheaply made wands that are easily bitten through or fall apart after just a few weeks of use. This one is built for the long haul.

cat charmer wand

Many pet owners are worried about the recent recalls from toys and pet foods made in China and other countries. The good news about this wand is that it’s made in the USA. You can buy knowing that you’re supporting a US-run business and with the confidence that it’s safely made.

Some pet toys are so complicated that they have to be sold for $50+ or the manufacturer won’t make a profit. This is not one of them. You can find it for just a few bucks and it provides hours of entertainment. It’s the perfect option for the pet owner who wants an affordable toy. We listed it on our round-up of the best cheap cat toys.

Finally, we love the exercise this encourages. All you have to do is wave it around and your kitty will run, jump, and get their heart rates up trying to catch it. It’s a very fun toy that cats love and is easy for humans to use – and gives your cat some excellent exercise.

Play Time for Your Cat

What We Don’t Like

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect product. Our main issue with this one is that you have to be involved – it’s not the kind of thing where you turn it on and let them get on with it. Then there’s the safety angle – there is a chance a cat could get caught up in it if they’re left to play with it alone so it’s not a good toy to give your cat when you’re leaving the house.

Our next issue is that the fabric can allow a cat’s claws to get stuck fairly easily. This can cause the fabric to rip and can be uncomfortable for a kitty. This isn’t an issue on declawed cats or cats who’ve recently had a nail trim but it can be an issue for others.

Conclusion: Great Toy at a Great Price

Sometimes the simple things are best and that’s the case with this Cat Charmer Wand. It’s a great toy that will provide hours of entertainment and is made from quality materials.

It shouldn’t be left alone with a cat and isn’t recommended for cats with sharp claws, but there are tens of thousands of satisfied customers scattered all over the USA – they can’t all be wrong.

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