Kitten Teething Toys – Our Top 5 Picks

Looking for kitten teething toys? Kittens – like babies – are born without teeth and will start to get their first baby teeth coming through when they are around 3-4 weeks old.

Biting is a very important part of their development, so it’s not the biting you want to stop, but you want to give them appropriate items to bite so you don’t find them chewing on your new shoes or even something much more dangerous like household wires!

There are a lot of kitten teething toys out there to keep your adorable little kitten biting happily, so let’s take a look at our top 5 picks:

 Our Top 5 Kitten Teething Toys

1Dental Chew PairPetstages Catnip$
2Hugga WubbaKongCatnip$
3Chew MicePetstages Catnip$
4Fresh Breath Mint StickPetstages Mint$
5Plaque Away PretzelPetstages Catnip$

#1: [amazon link=”B0009YF3KY” title=”Petstages Dental Health Chews” /]

[amazon fields=”B0009YF3KY” value=”thumb” image=”1″ image_link=”none” image_size=”large”]

This product isn’t only amazingly cheap, but it’s also very popular among cat and kitten lovers. Kittens go crazy for this toy because it’s filled with catnip, it’s got a fun and innovative design that’s perfect for play, and what’s more, you get two!

These dental health chews have been specifically designed for improving your kitten’s dental hygiene as well as helping with the teething process. They will take as much punishment as your kitten can dish out, and even some adult cats get obsessed with them!

  • Helps remove tartar and improve dental health
  • Has floss-like action which helps clean your kitty’s teeth
  • Fun for your kitten to bat around and carry – they skitter across wooden flooring
  • Filled with catnip; should distract your kitty from chewing other things
  • Not as large as they seem in the product photos, they are about 4 inches long including the strings
  • You might want to buy a few as cats are known to carry them off and hide them in their favorite spots!
  • Expect compliments from your vet when she sees such a significant improvement in your kitten’s dental hygiene
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#2: [amazon link=”B0018MXYW0″ title=”KONG Cat Hugga Wubba Cat Toy” /]

[amazon fields=”B0018MXYW0″ value=”thumb” image=”1″ image_link=”none” image_size=”large”]

This is a very popular product with a wealth of glowing reviews.  This product prides itself on appealing to a cat’s natural instinct of capturing prey and playing with it, so kittens can have endless amounts of fun playing with this teething toy.

It’s not only infused with catnip but the tails make a crinkly rattly noise which makes your kittens go crazy for it and want to play with it for hours.

  • It rattles – kittens love to play with rattling toys, and again it plays up to their natural playing with prey instincts
  • The tail crackles. This unique crackle sounds rewards contact and encourages continued play
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Promotes realistic wrestling and the longer tails are perfect targets for hind paw kicking
  • Perfect for teething kittens, but also for cats of all ages that love playtime
  • Incredibly popular with cats that like carrying and stashing trophies
[amazon box=”B0018MXYW0″ template=”list”]

#3: [amazon link=”B000HHQ74O” title=”Petstages Catnip Chew Mice” /]

[amazon fields=”B000HHQ74O” value=”thumb” image=”1″ image_link=”none” image_size=”large”]

This product plays even more on a kitten’s natural play-and-prey instinct by being mouse shaped!

Everyone knows that kittens and cats love to play with mice, and I’m sure if you’re a cat owner, you’ve had a present or two of a dead mouse left on your doorstep from time to time! This product is very fun and colorful looking and guaranteed to give your kitten countless hours of play as they teethe.

  • Helps remove tartar and improve dental health – includes a flossing action
  • Unique netted shell won’t unravel when chewed by your teething kitten
  • Filled with catnip to attract kitty
  • Fun for your kitten to bat around and carry
  • Mouse-sized, which encourages the kitten to play more as it isn’t too large to move around
  • Small size does mean they end up under furniture
[amazon box=”B000HHQ74O” template=”list”]

#4: [amazon link=”B003V6Z43I” title=”Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick Cat Toy” /]

[amazon fields=”B003V6Z43I” value=”thumb” image=”1″ image_link=”none” image_size=”large”]

It’s safe to say that Petstages lead the way when it comes to kitten teething and also cat dental health in general, and that’s why their products crop up a lot on this list. This mint stick keeps your kitten’s breath nice and fresh and also acts as a teething toy.

Mint is similar to catnip and many cats love it. While many cat toys claim to have catnip and you can’t smell anything, with this one you can press the center to release more minty scent.

The size lets your kitten bite, scratch, and thrash it with his back legs. Great fun!

  • Simple, fun design
  • Solid, sweet smelling mint center will freshen a kitten’s breath
  • Mint is a cousin to catnip and is appealing to most cats
  • Crinkle at ends adds interest
  • Lightweight toy can be batted and carried
  • Kittens will play with it for hours
[amazon box=”B003V6Z43I” template=”list”]

#5: [amazon link=”B006XE35YU” title=”Petstages Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel Cat Chews” /]

[amazon fields=”B006XE35YU” value=”thumb” image=”1″ image_link=”none” image_size=”large”]

Finally, another excellent and very popular product by Petstages. This product is pretzel shaped and it’s a little firmer than the other product by the same company. So if your cat prefers firmer toys, this is a good option.

As with all these chew toys, this one promotes dental hygiene. Catnip keeps your cat interested, then the netting around the pretzel flosses and cleans their teeth.

  • Double net shell helps floss teeth as your kitten chews
  • Net is well made and won’t unravel no matter how hard your kitty chews
  • Very safe toy, much more preferable to giving your kittens soft chewy toys with hard parts, like eyes or noses that could come off during play.
  • Sturdy and long lasting, plus the magic of catnip
  • Small so ideal for kittens to play with and acts on their natural instincts to catch small prey
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When Do Kittens Start Teething?

Kittens – like babies – are born without teeth and will start to get their first baby teeth coming through when they are around 2-4 weeks old. The very first (cute!) incisors emerge at the front of the mouth at around 2 weeks old.

That’s followed by the canine teeth (yes felines have canines!) and at about 6 weeks old the premolars come out. That gives your kitten 26 deciduous teeth. These milk teeth start to be pushed out by the adult teeth at the 3 month old mark.

THIS is the time when real teething problems manifest.

Signs Teething Time is Here

You might notice flecks of blood on kitty’s chew toys, but don’t panic. A little blood loss happens when the baby teeth drop out.

Other signs are:

  • Lack of desire to play with toys (because the mouth is too sensitive)
  • Extra meowing
  • Extra drool (do check the kitten’s teeth to see if anything looks wrong in there, like having a bit of bone etc)

Helping Your Kitten Through This Stage

Making sure you have some fun toys to chew on will help your cat – and your furniture. A strip of leather would be fun for kitty to chew on, especially if it’s big enough for his little legs to thrash at it too. Just don’t leave your leather shoes lying around!

Or how about an even simpler idea – using a straw?


What About Brushing Their Teeth?

Brushing your cat’s teeth is a good idea and is the gold standard in feline dental hygiene. Daily brushing prevents plaque from building up. But don’t do it during teething or your little tiger will start to link brushing with pain – and will shy away from the toothbrush the rest of his life.

Vets recommend checking your cat’s teeth and gums once a week. During the teething phase you can keep an eye out for baby teeth that aren’t dropping out while the adult tooth is pushing through.


Concluding Thoughts

When you have a teething kitten it’s essential to give them something to chew on and keep their mouth busy so they don’t chew elsewhere. That’s where kitten teething toys is becoming an increasingly popular market. Here we have 5 excellent kitten teething toys your kitten will go crazy for, they contain everything a teething kitten could want in a toy and more, so don’t waste any more time and take your pick!