Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder Review – Automatic Cat Feeder

In this post I’m going share with you my thoughts on the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder system which is an automatic cat feeder for your cats.

feed and go smart pet feeder review

To start out, I wanted to give you some background as to why I decided to purchase this system after reviewing many of the different products on Amazon.

We currently have 3 cats, Maya, Nessa and Sookie. Typically our feeding plan consists of a small amount of wet food (usually 1/2 a can split between all 3 cats) and some dry food for all of them.

We usually feed them every morning around 7am and again at night around 5pm. We never leave out an unlimited amount of food for the cats. Nessa specifically would for sure eat a lot of it and gain weight!

On the weekends we found ourselves commonly staying with friends overnight so this led to a problem of someone needing to rush home in the morning or just simply feeding the cats in the late morning around 11am or so once we actually got home.

I decided to spend a significant amount of time reading about all of the different options for cat feeders that would allow us to leave the house for a couple of days and not need to worry about rushing home to feed our cats.

Here were some of my requirements:

  • I wanted to be able to see who was eating and when
  • Having full control of when the feeding time occurs
  • Have a feeder that could potentially support multiple cats
  • Support for adding wet food and not just dry food

I settled on the feed and go automatic cat feeder. Initially based on the design I thought the entire cover would lift up revealing multiple food trays for all of the cats to eat. This was my mistake for not taking a closer look or watching any videos.

I quickly realized upon arrival the tray simply rotates with food inside which was fine.

Setting Up The Feed and Go Pet Feeder

The setup was rather easy, the instructions had me sync up my existing WiFi router using a special access method. I didn’t have any issues connecting it to my home network.

Once the device was connected I was prompted to go setup a new login account using an email and password on the feed and go website. When you setup the device you are asked to add the name of your cat.

The idea being that you could actually buy multiple devices and they could all be labeled after each cat. I wasn’t prepared to make this kind of investment in 3 of these devices so I decided to give this a chance with all 3 cats. We just named it ‘Maya’ after our first cat.

The Webcam & Sound

Once you login to the website you can use the small webcam where you can actually watch your cats eat after feeding them. There is no sound coming through the webcam so you won’t be able to hear them but I didn’t really find that it mattered so long as you could actually see which cat ate.

The webcam overall is easy to view and had a pretty good camera for what it is. After using it for several months now I’ve never had any issues with lag or display problems so long as you have a good internet connection.

I was able to even use my cell phone’s native cell service without WiFi and still get the camera to work quite well which is great.

In terms of sound you are allowed to pre-configure a voice message using your own voice. Brenda made a few attempts to come up with a good voice recording and we finally settled on “Maya, Nessa, Sookie.. Food!”.

You are allowed to play the voice recording without spinning the food trays in an attempt to let the cats know it’s feeding time.

We usually play this first and then use the option to spin the tray. Once you do this the website will ask if you want to turn on the webcam to watch the cats eat.

Nessa is almost always first to eat and usually will even push the other cats out of the way while they wait patiently. Sookie tends to wait her turn and will eat after Nessa but the one issue we have is Nessa will keep eating even after going through 1 tray of food.

To deal with this we simply spin the tray until it lands on an empty tray and we wait for her to leave so we can give Maya or Sookie a chance to eat. On many occasions we have found Maya won’t even come to eat at all, although we’ve found she never seems to be super eager to eat even when we get home later that day.

Adding Food & Cleaning The Feed & Go

When it comes to food we usually will add just dry food but the device is designed in such a way that each compartment can be sealed tight to allow you to use wet food.

We typically don’t like to do this because it just does not seem ideal to leave wet food out for such a long period of time without being sealed.

Overall cleaning the tray is very easy, it detaches just by pulling it off of the center rotating piece and washing it with soap in the sink. It’s entirely made of plastic and could even be run through a dishwasher if need be.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts on the Feed & Go Automatic Pet Feeder

Overall I really like the feed and go for automatically feeding our cats. It’s worked out quite well when we travel for a weekend allowing us to feed the cats from our cell phone even without WiFi at any time we choose. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a high end automatic cat feeder. If some of these features do not interest you, there are other cheaper alternatives currently available.

You can buy the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder On Amazon here.

Here is a breakdown of some of the pros of the device:

  • Easy setup with the website, webcam, feeding tray
  • The feeding tray is easy to clean and is all plastic
  • 6 food compartments so with even 3 cats you have meals for an entire day while you are out of the house. If it’s a single cat you could leave for a lot longer and continue to feed your cat daily.
  • Scheduling system to automatically rotate the food tray without you being there.
  • Easy to use website interface, multiple people can login using the same login if need be and watch the cats eat.
  • Ability to add multiple devices and manage them from a single login on the website
  • You can add your own pre-recorded voice message so the cats can hear your own voice
  • The food tray is sealed tight so cats cannot break into the device to eat, you can also add wet food if need be.
  • The power cord is tucked into the back of the device so you do not have to worry about the cats unplugging it on you.


  • Price, this device is not cheap in comparison to some of the other available options but overall you do “get what you pay for” with this device and in my opinion it is well worth it.
  • Not 100% ideal for multiple cats using the single device – We have found our cats don’t fight over eating but rather will nudge the others out of the way sometimes seeing one or multiple cats not eat right away.